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Calgary, Kananaskis, Banff, Abraham Lake

Your fall photos & the golden Larches

Larches Season

The Larches Season sessions are a bit different from the others sessions. For those of you who don’t know, Larches are a type of tree that turn golden yellow during the fall. It can be early or it can be later in the fall depending on the weather of course.

If you want to see the real larches colours, you will have to head out to the mountains with me! I do sessions immersed in the golden trees. Those sessions can be a bit longer than 30 mins depending on if you are willing to hike or not.

As we don’t know exactly when the larches will come up, I estimate a window of when they will be. If I hear the larches are there earlier than the date we booked, I will contact you to see if we can book an earlier date. If the larches are not there yet, I will contact you to see if we can book a later date.

Travel fees are included in the price for those sessions.

Days and places available for the sessions

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All sessions will be held either sunrise times or sunset times (two hours before and after)

Calgary: September 14th, September 20th, September 23rd
Location: Fish Creek, Bowness Park
Price: 150$ – 30mins
NB: These will be fall sessions (no larches)

Kananaskis: October 1st, October 2nd, October 3rd, October 7th
Location: Will be disclosed closer to the date depending on where the larches are at
150$ – 30 mins OR 450$ – hike sessions (1h to 5h)
Hikes are available for those sessions. Week days are also available. Send me an email or a text for more details

Banff: October 4th, October 5th
Location: Two Jacks Lake, Cascade Ponds, Lake Minnewanka, Vermillion Lakes, Tunnel Mountain reservoir, Canmore Three Sisters View Point
150$ – 30 mins
Week days are available and preferred. Send me an email or a text with your desired date for more details

Lake Louise: September 8th, September 10th, October 5th, October 6th
Location: Lake Louise
Price: 2
50$ – 30 mins

Peyto Lake: September 15th, September 26th, October 7th
Location: Peyto Lake
Price: 30
0$ – 30 mins

Abraham Lake: October 7th, October 8th, October 9th, October 14th, October 15th, October 16th
Location: Will be disclosed after booking (secret spot)
Price: 2
50$ – 30 mins
Paddle board and drone available for the sessions. 1H sessions available for 280$ upon request. Blue hour & night sessions available upon request

Moraine Lake session available upon request (and depending on the shuttles)

Book your session today for some fun fall memories!

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