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 My top five places from 2022 that are worth considering for eloping / having a small wedding.

Hi everyone!

I am thinking about making this an annual blog post. On my travel blog I have a recap of where I was the previous year in pictures so I was thinking about making the same concept here but with the most amazing places I visited last year and that I think are really worth considering for eloping, having a small wedding or even getting you engagement photos taken.

What do you think?? Shall we?

I have been all over the place in 2022 so this post won’t be specific to the Canadian Rockies but are a bit more worldwide (I am travelling worldwide for weddings so don’t hesitate to ask me details or to take your pictures in ANY of those places!).

#5 - Sintra, Portugal

Why do I like Sintra?

Sintra is half an hour away from Lisboa in Portugal. It is easy to access it once you are in the country.

The city itself is SO charming with old castle, lots of gardens where you can get lost in like you were in a rain forest. And next to the city, there is the beaches. AMAZING beaches with cliffs going right into the Ocean. It’s a dreamy scenery.

Some ideas if you are looking for activities to elope in Sintra would be:

You could do a bike ride straight to the beach, take a surfing lesson (or not if you already are rocking it!) and then have a diner by the ocean. If you need recommendation for lodging over there, I know just the place!

Sounds amazing, right??!

#4 - Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada

What is so amazing about Abraham lake?

First of first, Abraham lake is AMAZING in all seasons!

You might have heard of it because of its methane bubbles in winter but have you heard about it for its turquoise blue lake in summer?

Yeah that’s right. If you think of the Canadian Rockies, you think about Banff, Lake Louise, Lake Moraine… Maybe Peyto lake… But not that much about Abraham lake. And in my opinion, that is a shame. This is the best kept secret of the rockies because it is not even very touristic (yet?).

Abraham lake is this man made lake, the largest reservoir in Alberta, and it is HUGE. It is located in crown lands which means, free camping is possible over there! Free and you don’t have to book. Last year we slept right by the water, surrounded by mountains. You have the most beautiful sky at night and the most amazing sunrises and sunset you can think of.

Some ideas if you are looking to elope in Abraham lake would be:

You could take a slow ride along the road until your free camping spot for the night. Get up early to hike one of the hikes around the lake. Reach the summit for sunrise and say your vows with a stunning view. Go back down. Take a sunset paddle board or canoe ride on the lake. Take a trip down memory lane with the best moments with your loved ones admiring the milky way around a camp fire.

Sounds dreamy, right??!

#4 - Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada

Why is Peyto Lake so special?

You all know by now (I hope) that Peyto Lake viewpoint is MY FAVORITE of them all. I don’t know why but there is something about that view of the infinite valley between the Rocky Mountains with the most pretty lake in the middle.

That lake can be of all the blue colours you can think of depending on the weather, the time of the year and the time of day. It is amazing in summer but also in winter times.

Yes it is a busy lake but there are ways to find spots with no one around.

Last summer, I went there for sunset for example and I was alone with my pup and there was only one other group of 4 people up there on the platform. So yes, it is possible to be alone in one of the most touristic place in Canada. You just need to be willing to do what other people won’t.

The big plus of Peyto lake is that is it very accessible. The hike is only 20 minutes up from the parking lot and it also has wheelchair path (you park closer to the viewpoint).

Peyto lake sounds like a dream??

#2 - Spray Lakes Reservoir, Alberta, Canada

Who do I love Spray Lakes so much?

Alright! Big number two. I hesitated a lot between this one and the #1 for the first place so it was a very close call!

Spray lakes is also a large reservoir surrounded by mountains located in Kananaskis, near Canmore. The road there is quite bumpy but so worth the drive. Lots of very amazing hikes start from around the lake.

The lake is also of an incredible colour and there is also very few people around it so it is very easy to find a spot alone and intimate for saying vows. There is a campground (paid but first arrive first served) on the shore of the lake.

The view is just breathtaking all around that lake.

Some ideas of what an elopement around Spray Lakes would look like:
Arrive not too late in the afternoon at the campground. Get up early and get make up and hair done at the camp. Hike Tent Ridge and say your vows as the sun rises over the valley with the lake and the mountains around. Get back down. Head for a swim and some paddle boarding or canoe on the lake. Have a picnic in the middle of the water. Go back to the camp, have a diner by the camp fire. Take a Milky Way photo session.

Are you as sold to Spay Lakes as I am??

#1 - Mount Assiniboine, BC, Canada

What makes Mount Assiniboine different?

I haven’t talked much about Assiniboine in any of my blogs or social medias. I did lots of instagram stories (that are in my highlights in my travel account welcome home) but not official posts. I am make it up for it during this year.

Anyhow, Assiniboine is an incredible place to have your elopement or small wedding at.

First of all, it is a very intimate place where only a few people per day can access. Second of all, you will get the best views of the Rockies you can ever think of. And last but not least, it is an INCREDIBLE experience and adventure that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

You have three choices to go there:

– You can hike. It is a 30km hike one way so it can take you one day if you are very quick or it can take you two days (like me) to reach the official camp ground. And then the same amount back (even if you take another road back). The plus of the hike? You get to sleep in my favorite campground in the Rockies! (And it is not the Assiniboine campground, it is another one on the way).

– You can heli yourself but there are only certain days you can get there by helicopter. The plus of the heli? You don’t have to hike and you get amazing views of the Rockies and the lakes.

– Another option would be to helicopter in OR out and hike in OR out. Your choice! If you want to hike in and you know you want the ceremony to happen in the Assiniboine camp site, you can also helicopter what you won’t need and what would be heavy on the first night (aka, the wedding dress or some food).

Concerning the sleeping options, there is also the option to book the hut/lodge over there.

One thing to know about Assiniboine: you have to book in advance for the lodge and for the campgrounds it is four months in advance! So you can’t really choose the weather that it is going to be so be prepared to be surprised!

I will make a more detail post about this!

That sounds like the adventure you were looking for?


Hi! I am an adventure weddings and elopement photographer. I am located in Alberta, Canada, near the Banff National Park but I will travel to take pictures of your memories! If you need have any questions about what is an elopement, how to elope, where to elope or anything related to the matter, don't hesitate to reach out and it will be my pleasure to help you out in your big adventure!

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